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aku baru je selesai men quiz kat facebook. and aku jumpa a quiz mention pasal bulan² kelahiran. memandangkan ifin dilahirkan dalam bulan NOVEMBER, so inilah kriteria² ifin. tepat gak prediction quiz tuh. alah, juz for fun pe. kalo ada yg sama, itu kebetulan rite. don't take it too damn serious. juz enjoy it. HAHA.

* Has a lot of ideas
* Difficult to fathom
* Thinks forward
* Unique and brilliant
* Extraordinary ideas
* Sharp thinking
* Fine and strong clairvoyance
* Can become good doctors
* Dynamic in personality
* Secretive
* Inquisitive
* Knows how to dig secrets
* Always thinking
* Less talkative but amiable
* Brave and generous
* Patient
* Stubborn and hard-hearted
* If there is a will, there is a way
* Determined
* Never give up
* Hardly becomes angry unless provoked
* Loves to be alone
* Thinks differently from others
* Sharp-minded
* Motivates oneself
* Does not appreciate praises
* High-spirited
* Well-built and tough
* Deep love and emotions
* Romantic
* Uncertain in relationships
* partner in mind
* Homely
* Hardworking
* High abilities
* Trustworthy
* Honest and keeps secrets
* Not able to control emotions
* Unpredictable

kdg² ada perkara yang perlu kita rahsiakan.
kdg² ada perkara yang perlu kita kongsikan.
bergantung..lihat orang, masa & keadaan.


Mr W Says:
October 10, 2009 at 5:18 PM

ader zodiak utk february ark???

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